Diaper Fetish

Updated: OCTOBER 26, 2023

Diaper fetish is a form of paraphilic infantilism and a sexual fetish where individuals experience erotic arousal and satisfaction from wearing diapers, often in conjunction with other infantilism or age play elements. This fetish encompasses various aspects, including the act of wearing diapers, role-playing as infants, and engaging in age-regression fantasies. Although being an adult baby is related to diaper fetishism, it is considered a separate fetish. People who engage in both fetishes are called adult baby diaper lovers (ABDL).

Although this fetish is often considered a sexual one, some adult babies have no sexual motivation for their role-playing activities. Most adult babies play infants of their own gender. However, some adult babies, known as sissy babies, play infants of the opposite gender.

It is also important to note that while adult babies and diaper lovers may find it sexually appealing to role-play as a baby, this does not mean they have or their partners have a sexual attraction to babies or children.

Why are people into diapers and wearing diapers?

While there isn't a lot of research into these communities, one survey of more than 1,800 members of an online Adult Baby/Diaper Lover community answered a survey. The results the survey were published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, and found that that interest in the fetish tended to arise early in life, at around 11 or 12 years old. It also found that the most common ABDL behaviors were using diapers, using other baby items, and wetting or messing diapers.

More About Diaper Fetish

People with a diaper fetish may enjoy it through various means:

Wearing Diapers: Many individuals with this fetish derive pleasure from wearing diapers themselves, experiencing sensations of comfort, security and arousal while in diapers. This can be done in private or as part of consensual adult play.

Role-Playing: Diaper fetishists often engage in age play or role-play scenarios where they take on the persona of an infant or toddler. This may involve being cared for by a partner, using baby talk, or adopting childlike behaviors.

Stories and Erotica: Some enjoy reading or writing stories, erotic literature, or role-play scenarios involving diapers, infantilism, or age regression as a way to explore their fetish fantasies.

Art and Drawings: Art and illustrations depicting individuals in diapers and age-play scenarios can be a source of fascination and arousal for those with this fetish.

Pornography: There is a niche market for adult content featuring diaper fetish themes. Some individuals may find sexual gratification in adult diaper-related pornography or adult baby content.

How to Enjoy a Diaper Fetish Safely

For those interested in exploring a diaper fetish safely, it's essential to prioritize consent, communication and personal boundaries. Here are some guidelines:

Consent: Engage in diaper fetish activities only with consenting adults who share your interests and boundaries. Open communication is crucial to ensure everyone involved is comfortable and willing.

Privacy: Many individuals keep their fetish private due to potential stigma. It's essential to maintain discretion and privacy if you choose to share this interest with a partner or within a community.

Online Communities: Joining online communities and forums dedicated to ABDL or diaper fetishism can provide a safe and supportive space to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences and seek advice.

Supplies: If you decide to engage in wearing diapers, purchase high-quality adult diapers or supplies from reputable sources to ensure comfort and safety. Considerations such as sizing, absorbency and comfort are essential.

Boundaries: Clearly communicate boundaries with any partners involved in your fetish activities. Establish safewords or signals to ensure that any activity can be halted immediately if someone feels uncomfortable.

Respect and Non-Judgment: Foster a non-judgmental and respectful environment within any communities or relationships related to your fetish. Understanding and respect for the diversity of interests and experiences within the diaper fetish community is crucial.

Diaper Fetish Extended: Poopy Diaper Fetish

The Poopy Diaper fetish, which is related to scat play or coprophilia, involves a sexual attraction to feces or the act of defecation, often within the context of wearing or interacting with diapers. Engaging in this fetish requires careful consideration, consent and adherence to strict safety guidelines.

Again, not all fetishists of this nature have a sexual motivation for their role-playing activities. Oftentimes this fetish is met with a desire to feel nurtured.

Participating Safely in Poopy Diaper Fetish

Consent and Communication: Consent is paramount, especially in fetishes that involve potentially risky activities. All participants must provide informed, enthusiastic consent, and clear boundaries should be established before engaging in any form of scat play.

Health and Hygiene: Prioritize health and hygiene by ensuring that all participants are in good health and have had recent STI tests. Establish proper cleaning and sanitation protocols for any equipment used during the activity.

Understanding the Risks: It's essential to be aware of the potential health risks associated with scat play. Be informed about these risks and take necessary precautions.

Safe Space: Create a safe and controlled environment for the activity. This may include using a dedicated area that is easy to clean, with access to hygiene facilities.

Clean-Up and Disposal: Plan for proper clean-up and disposal of any materials used during the activity. Have appropriate cleaning supplies, protective gear and disposal methods readily available.

Privacy and Discretion: Given the taboo nature of this fetish, participants should maintain strict privacy and discretion.

Aftercare: After the activity, provide emotional support and aftercare to participants, as scat play can be emotionally intense and may lead to various emotions. Reassurance, physical comfort, and open communication are essential.


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