Dental Dam

Updated: JULY 6, 2020

A dental dam is a small piece of latex used as a barrier during oral sex. Although oral sex does not present the risk of pregnancy, a dental dam works much like a condom to prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections like HPV.

More About Dental Dam

Dental dams got their name because they are modified versions of the ones used in dental procedures. They are easy to use for oral sex and come in a variety of sizes and flavors. Because they are made from latex like most condoms, water-based lube must be used and they should be discarded after each use.

Example of a dental dam. Pictured: Trust Latex Dental Dam in Vanilla.

Using a dental dam does not ruin oral sex. The feeling of latex with lube can be just as enjoyable as a tongue. If you need to help mask the taste of latex, flavored lube can be extremely helpful.

You can also make a dam out of a condom by cutting off the tip and cutting it down the side lengthwise.

Dental dams can also be used alongside sex toys if you wish to lick or suck a sex toy for any reason. For people who may want to practice cunnilingus on a penis stroker, this can help mask the taste of the material.

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