Delayed Ejaculation

Updated: APRIL 18, 2017

Delayed ejaculation is a sexual condition in which a male finds it difficult or even impossible to ejaculate. Normally, a man can ejaculate within a few minutes of intercourse or masturbation. Those suffering from delayed ejaculation may need 30 minutes or more of stimulation to reach orgasm, and some may not be able to reach orgasm at all.

Delayed ejaculation may also be called impaired ejaculation or inhibited ejaculation.

More About Delayed Ejaculation

The underlying causes of delayed ejaculation include such things as health problems, medications, relationship problems, and certain psychological problems like depression and anxiety. The cause of delayed ejaculation must first be determined before treatment can begin. Delayed ejaculation may be caused by caused by physical issues, and may be treated with medications. If, however, delayed ejaculation is caused by psychological problems, it can usually be treated with mental health counseling.


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