Updated: DECEMBER 21, 2014
Decembeaver is a month-long event that takes place during the month of December when women stop shaving, waxing or grooming their pubic hair. Well, not really. It's actually a spoof of a popular fund-raising event for prostate cancer called Movember, in which men grow out their mustaches to raise money for and boost awareness of the disease. It was launched in December 2012 through a humorous YouTube video written and directed by comedian and writer Sarah Cooper.

More About Decembeaver

Decembeaver is "a month where we stop shaving our muffs ... for cancer!" While the video is categorized as "comedy" on YouTube, there is a website and link to the American Cancer Society.

The video encourages women to "look less like a 12-year-old girl down there and more like and 80-year-old woman - because they're the ones who have cancer." The men in the video appear to be less enthusiastic. But hey, while letting your pubic hair grow wild may not be as much of a public statement as a mustache, we do know that 1 in five young women tend to be hair-free below the belt. That means Decembeaver could make waves, even if only in the bedroom.

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