Death Fantasies

Updated: JULY 27, 2018

Death fantasies is a term for thoughts an individual has about dying. These thoughts help them become sexually aroused. Death fantasies can center around natural death or the thought of being killed at someone else’s hands.

More About Death Fantasies

Some people with death fantasies join online communities designed for these individuals to congregate. Others may talk to their partners about these fantasies, and use them as inspiration for role-playing games.

People who role-play their death fantasies report feeling an adrenalin rush at the thought that their life could end at the hands of their partner.

While death fantasies are safe, people should be aware of the dangers that may arise when bringing dangerous implements, like knives and guns, into sex play. As well, If someone with death fantasies is battling with suicidal thoughts or depression, they should also seek counseling. Counseling may also be necessary for anyone who feels their death fantasies are interrupting their daily life or normal sexual functioning.


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