Dancewear Fetish

Updated: JULY 20, 2017

Dancewear fetish is a term that denotes a sexual interest in clothes associated with dancing. These clothes may include, but are not limited to, tutus, leotards, catsuits, and ballet tights. A fetish for clothes associated with ballet is especially common.

People with a dancewear fetish may like to wear dance costumes themselves, or to look at others wearing dancewear.

More About Dancewear Fetish

People with a dancewear fetish tend to like the look of dancewear, and the feel of soft dance fabrics on their skin. Some also like the way a person looks after a dancing session, with their hair a little messy and sweat on their skin.

Many people with a dancewear fetish may be content to fantasize about dancewear, or they may wish to dress up in dancewear, or view images of people wearing dancewear. Some individuals with a dancewear fetish like to masturbate using a piece of dancewear, such as a pair of tights.

People with a dancewear fetish may also like to satisfy their urges through role-playing exercises. For example, a couple could take on the roles of a dance teacher and their student. A sissification role-playing scenario could involve a male participant being forced to attend dance classes.

A dancewear fetish often overlaps with other sexual kinks, including foot or shoe fetishes, leg worship, trampling, or humiliation.

For most people, a dancewear fetish is a harmless part of their sexual identity. However, if a person finds that a dancewear fetish interferes with ordinary sexual function or daily life, they may require counseling.


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