Cum Swapping

Updated: JULY 7, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on May 12, 2022

Cum swapping is when someone transfers a partner's ejaculate, or cum, from their mouth into the mouth of another person. Cum swapping often takes place during a threesome or moresome; however, it can also occur with just two people. It is similar to snowballing and is related to felching; both practices are common in pornography.

Before cum swapping, someone performs fellatio on a sexual partner. When the receiving partner cums, the giving partner collects their cum in their mouth. They then transfer that cum to the receiving partner’s mouth or to another person’s mouth.

Deep kissing is the most common way to cum swap. During an open-mouthed kiss, the giving partner can move the cum from their mouth into the mouth of the person they’re kissing. When people swap cum through kissing, the practice is sometimes called cum kissing.

Someone can also swap cum by opening their mouth and letting the cum fall into the mouth of their other sexual partner. The person receiving the cum might lie on their back with their mouth open. The giving partner can then open their mouth and let the cum fall into their partner’s waiting mouth.

Cum swapping can be a great way to feel closer to sexual partners. Sharing cum between two or more people can create an intimate bond. However, there may be a deeper reason that people feel drawn to this activity. According to the "Handbook of Psychology and Sexual Orientation", semen has great symbolic importance. It represents sexual power, strength, virility, and the successful completion of the sex act. Swapping cum can be a way to celebrate all of these positive virtues.

Historically, the term cum swapping referred to the practice of women passing semen from their mouths to other women, while snowballing or snowdropping was the equivalent for homosexual and bisexual men. However, over time all these terms became used for swapping cum, regardless of the gender or sexuality of the people practicing it.

More About Cum Swapping

People usually swap cum using their mouths. However, there is another variation involving cunnilingus during a threesome. To swap cum in this way, someone ejaculates into their partner’s vagina or anus. Another partner then performs cunnilingus to collect the cum from the vagina. This is called felching.

Some people consider cum swapping a taboo act. However, while some people call cum swapping a fetish most people agree it’s a fairly harmless one. Swapping cum does carry some health risks though, as semen can contain viruses including hepatitis B and C, gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV. People can also contract other diseases such as herpes when performing fellatio to prepare for cum swapping. Although the risk of STI transmission is lower than it is for penetrative sex, it's a good idea to make sure everyone involved in cum swapping has been recently tested for sexually transmitted infections before you begin.

Consent is also important for a good cum swapping experience. As cum swapping can take many forms, it’s a good idea to discuss your interest in cum swapping and what that might mean for you. Some people are willing to provide semen but don’t want to take their semen into their mouth, for example. An honest chat ahead of time can make sure everyone agrees and is on the same page.


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