Cum On Body

Updated: MARCH 23, 2020

Cum on body is a service provided by some sex workers who allow their clients to ejaculate on their bodies. The service pertains to various parts of the body, including the naked breasts and torso, back, buttocks, feet, or another part of the body negotiated between the sex worker and their client.

Cum on body is often shortened to the acronym COB, especially in the menus of sex workers and the field reports of their clients.

More About Cum On Body

Cum on body might occur at the end of full service sex, when the client climaxes from oral sex, or by way of a hand job or masturbation.

Cum on body is a common fetish for men, and there are many websites showcasing images, gifs, and videos of men ejaculating on the bodies or breasts of women. Some believe that this sex act has been made popular by pornography, where men often pull out to climax, ejaculating on a woman's body rather than inside her. Because of this, COB is often offered as part of the porn star experience. Men are also visual creatures, and many find the sight of a woman covered in their cum exciting. It may also give them a feeling of dominance.

Cum on body is considered a safe sex practice, although the "pull-out" method is not foolproof birth control.


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