Cum In Deep

Updated: APRIL 5, 2021

Cum In Deep is a service offered by sex workers and often displayed on their online profiles. It means that the sex worker is willing to let their clients ejaculate while deeply inside them. The safety of the practice depends on whether or not the client is wearing a condom.

More About Cum In Deep

On their online profiles, sex workers will use abbreviations to describe the different services they offer. Cum In Deep, or CID, indicates that the sex worker will let their client ejaculate while inside of the vagina, anus, or mouth. This practice is typical and common, and often expected of sex workers because ejaculating while in a woman's vagina is considered "mainstream."

However, this practice can be very unsafe if the client is not willing to wear a condom. It involves direct contact between the penis and vagina, which may lead to the transmission of sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy. To keep both sex workers and clients safe, wearing a condom is recommended for this practice, and any other practice involving penetration.


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