Cum Bunny

Updated: JULY 21, 2023
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on December 15, 2021

Cum bunny is a term for a person who gets pleasure from receiving ejaculate on their body or inside their mouth, vagina or anus. Most frequently, cum bunny is used to describe a young woman who is ejaculated on by a man or a group of men. However, neither being cisgender nor heterosexual is a requirement of being a cum bunny. Anyone who wants to play with a person with a penis can receive ejaculate.

Being a cum bunny can be integrated into many different kinds of sexual play - as long as ejaculation is involved. Playing with ejaculate can happen after hand jobs, blow jobs, intercourse and more. Whether the ejaculation happens internally or externally, a cum bunny can do things to enjoy the texture, heat and taste of the semen and fluid. Cum bunnies are more likely to request external cum shots to more easily savor and enjoy the sensation.

Another way being a cum bunny can be incorporated into other types of pleasure is by bringing the desire into BDSM scenes, where it incorporates elements of power exchange and humiliation. Power dynamics can be used in either direction. Most frequently, cum bunnies will be the submissive partner upon whom the dominant ejaculates. In the reverse, cum bunnies can also be the dominant who forces their submissive partner to ejaculate for their own pleasure. In either scenario, bondage can be incorporated to heighten the experience.

Being a cum bunny could be connected to having a cum fetish. Other activities that can bring cum bunnies pleasure are bukkake (one person receiving the ejaculate of numerous people externally on their body), felching (sucking your own or another person’s ejaculate out of a vagina or anus), creampie (internal ejaculation) and fluid bonding (sharing sexual fluids in an exclusive relationship). There are numerous other ways being an enthusiastic cum bunny can be incorporated into virtually any sexual experience.

More About Cum Bunny

Ejaculate is arguably one of the most divisive aspects of sex. The concept of cumshots has been debated on both sides of the spectrum. Its depiction has ranged from sexual violence, to demeaning, to merely a sexist trope. Either way, one partner receiving ejaculate is considered a "standard" feature in mainstream pornography and even sometimes appears in feminist pornography.

Folks who identify as cum bunnies will enthusiastically consent to receiving sticky spunk on or in their person. That said, unless a person specifically indicates they want to be painted with the cum brush, that consent cannot be assumed. People who can ejaculate during a sexual encounter should never do so without first discussing the possibility with their sexual partner.

The concept of consent is a significant problem in cum fetish porn. Porn has many positive and negative qualities, but the dominance of the money shot - the moment when one performer ejaculates on another - has created many depictions of very non-consensual behavior. So much so that it has spawned a sub-genre that glorifies rough or non-consensual cumshots, while at the same time depicting the receiving partners as cum bunnies. This problematic portrayal can be considered irresponsible and encouraging of non-consensual habits in porn viewers. It has also been argued that younger viewers, who have sexually matured with pornography, may now be conditioned to think that external cumshots are the ultimate achievement of sexual activity. In reality, satisfying sexual encounters need to be negotiated based on the desires and limits of the people engaged in them. The glorification or over-emphasis of specific acts can make this difficult in a sexual relationship.

Anyone who receives ejaculate from a sexual partner in some way - whether internal or external - should be aware of health risks. Whether you’re receiving the ejaculate internally, externally or both ways, it is recommended that you restrict your play to a small community of trusted partners. While external cumshots are relatively safe, it is still important to be tested for sexually transmitted infections on a regular basis.

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