Updated: JULY 26, 2021

A cuckcake is a female “bull” in an alternative form of cuckolding where the bull and at least one other participant are female.

More About Cuckcake

A cuckcake involves a subset of cuckolding called cuckqueaning where at least two of the participants are female. A traditional cuckolding scene usually consists of a hetero couple with the man being submissive and the woman dominant. Another submissive man, the “bull,” has sex with the dominant female partner, often in front of the submissive (referred to in this case as the cuckold) while he is left helpless.

In a cuckqueaning scene, the equivalent to the bull is a female called a cuckcake. The submissive, or cuckquean, is consensually forced to watch the cuckcake have sex with the submissive cuckquean’s partner, who can be either male or female.


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