Crush Fetish

Updated: NOVEMBER 2, 2020

A crush fetish refers to sexual arousal from watching or fantasizing about crushing objects, food, insects or animals. Less frequently, it can also refer to fantasizing about being crushed by another person. The fetish is best recognized for the crushing of living creatures, in which case it is broken into two types:

  • Soft crush, which refers to crushing insects and other invertebrates.
  • Hard crush, which refers to crushing vertebrates and mammals. This form of crush is considered animal cruelty and is therefore illegal in most jurisdictions.

Crush videos or porn tends to involve women doing the crushing, often in sexy lingerie or shoes, which suggests it could have some relation to foot fetishism or even giant fetish. As a fetish, crush fetishism also has overlap with femdom, sadomasochism and formicophilia and zoophilia (more specifically, zoosadism). It may also overlap with giantess fetish. That said, there is very limited research around this particular fetish and those who enjoy it.

Most information around crush fetishes focuses on the crushing of things or animals (especially animals). There is much less information on people who, themselves, fetishize being crushed. However, this would appear to be related to trampling fetish.

More About Crush Fetish

Although many crush fetishists may play out their fantasies in safe and non-violent ways, when crush fetishism gets any attention, it tends to be negative. The commerce of hard crush videos has been illegal in the U.S. since 2010, and is illegal in many other jurisdictions as well. Animal welfare group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has been involved in the limited number convictions people have faced for producing crush videos, including:

For those who enjoy watching these films, they may be responding to the the taboo, the inherent sense of revulsion these films can produce, or even the sound or sensations the crushing produces.


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