Crotch Rope

Updated: FEBRUARY 9, 2022
Reviewed by Jon Pressick
on December 10, 2021

A crotch rope is a specific rope formation and knot sequence used in rope bondage. It involves a length of rope that starts from a submissive's waist, gets worked around their pelvis and then extends down between their legs, maintaining contact on and around their genitals. Dominants may use a crotch rope to control or restrain a submissive. It can also be used to deny sex as a basic chastity belt.

To apply a crotch rope, the "rigger" or Dominant starts with a reverse tension single column tie around their submissive’s waist. They wrap the rope around the waist at least two times, then make a loop and a half hitch to lock off the tension and prevent excessive tightening. They then move the rope down between their submissive’s legs.

The dominant may create a tight line between the legs or a split line that runs on either side of the genitals. A tight line directly stimulates the genitals while the split line can leave them exposed for play. Crotch ropes are more often used on vulva-havers, who may have the crotch rope woven between their labia. However, a crotch rope is suitable for a submissive with a penis too.

Differing pressure in tying the rope can produce various stimulation results. The pressure that a rigger uses to tie a crotch rope depends on their goal. They may tie the crotch rope tightly, so the pressure causes pain, or more loosely so the friction from the rope causes pleasure.

While a crotch rope is usually made from traditional rope, alternative materials such as harnesses, straps, and webbing can also be used. Dominants should be aware of how the materials they use feel against the skin to ensure they don’t cause any damage.

Types of a rope also play a factor in the rigger's goal for using a crotch rope. Different types of ropes offer different sensations and experiences to a crotch rope. Cotton ropes feel soft against the skin, but they can create a lot of friction. Nylon and synthetic ropes are also good options. Their smooth surface allows firmer ties that some people may enjoy. Silk is another option for a sensual crotch rope. Jute and hemp ropes are readily available, high friction alternatives, but you should wash them before use and be mindful of rashes and rope burns that can result.

More About Crotch Rope

As with other bondage activities, rope bondage requires specific training and practice. Scene partners should be aware of each other's level of experience and limits and discuss these before ropes are tied. Establish a safeword or action if speech is impeded. Dominants should closely monitor their submissive while they’re wearing a crotch rope. While tight bondage can be arousing, the pressure of the rope or restraint may restrict blood flow or cause abrasions. Dominants should keep a pair of safety scissors close so they can remove the crotch rope quickly if they need to.

People can use crotch ropes in many different ways. The submissive can wear a crotch rope over their clothes or hide it away underneath their garments. A crotch rope underneath clothes can stimulate the genitals in secret, providing sexual pleasure that only you two are aware of. A crotch rope worn underneath clothes in public could provide a slow build-up of sexual energy which the Dominant may relieve later. If you're staying somewhere private, the submissive could also go completely naked, except for the rope.

Once the crotch rope is applied, the Dominant has many different options to control the submissive. They could keep hold of the free end of a crotch rope and use it as a lead or leash, to control the submissive’s movements and how the rope behaves. They could also attach the free end to a harness, the submissive’s hands, or their hair. Attaching the crotch rope to a vibrator or another motorized sex toy can transmit vibrations to the genitals. Alternatively, the dominant could simply tie off the free end or tuck it under the crotch rope’s waistband.

Dominants can enhance a crotch rope by tying "happy knots." Strategically tying simple overhand knots in the rope can provide extra stimulation to sensitive parts of the body, such as the clitoris, vaginal opening, or perineum. Getting the knots to stay in place can be challenging, especially with extended wear. However, they can be very effective for short play sessions.

A Dominant may also use a crotch rope for a predicament bondage scene, where the submissive must choose between two uncomfortable scenarios. For example, the Dominant could devise a harness that forces the sub to choose between staying in a crouching position that strains their muscles but leaves the crotch rope pleasurably loose, or moving to relieve the muscle strain and tightening the crotch rope uncomfortably.


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