Updated: NOVEMBER 25, 2021
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Coulrophilia is a clown fetish or sexual attraction to clowns. Although very minimal reference material exists about this supposed fetish, there are a number of online forums where people discuss their clown fetishes, along with other anecdotal accounts of clown fetishes. This is a clearly an active - although relatively niche - sexual interest.

Clowns also feature in BDSM scenes, fantasies and pornography. In terms of role-playing, clowns provide the freedom for people to behave in a way that's silly and fun.

Coulrophilia is sometimes known as bozophilia, clown paraphilia, and clown fetish. It is the opposite of coulrophobia, or a fear of clowns.

More About Coulrophilia

While coulrophilia technically refers to an attraction to clowns alone, many people extend the definition to include other similar types of performers, including mimes and jesters. Coulrophiles often prefer a particular type of clown, such as a scary,silly or sexy clown. Coulrophiles may be attracted to the physical look of clowns and also the acts associated with clowns, which they may adopt in a sexual nature, such as spanking with rubber chickens or smashing a pie into someone’s face (which is not unlike splohsing!) Coulrophiles may also be into clown sex, or having sex while dressed as a clown.

While there has been little formal research into coulrophilia, some people believe that coulrophiles become attracted to clowns, or attracted to dressing as clowns, because of some event or occurrence in their childhood. Another theory suggests that clowns are alluring because underneath their makeup, they could be any person, strange or familiar. Many people are also afraid of clowns, and this sense of fear and excitement could play into the fetish as well.

Pornographic videos featuring clowns are also created to appeal to coulrophiles.


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