Updated: FEBRUARY 4, 2019

Corsetry is the making and wearing of corsets. The term may be used to describe making or wearing traditional corsets, a tight fitted top made to support and train the torso into a desirable shape, or the making or wearing of more modern tops that replicate the style of traditional corsets.

More About Corsetry

While men and women can both wear corsets, corsetry is most popular among women as the garments enhance the female form. They create an idealized hourglass silhouette, cinching in the waist and elevating the bust to create an alluring cleavage. The buttocks also seem more pronounced below the small waist a corset creates. As corsets inhibit breathing, women who engage in corsetry must gasp for breath which makes their breasts rise and fall seductively. No wonder corsets are fetishized by many people!

People who wear corsets also enjoy a kind of pleasure pain in their tight-laced garments. Some practitioners of BDSM even use corsets in their scenes. The laces restrict movement and the knotted cords can even be used for whipping. Many dominatrixes also love wearing corsets. Corsets have traditionally been difficult to remove, so they present the image of an impenetrable coat of armor for doms.

Wearing modern corsets isn’t as uncomfortable as wearing classic corsets, but these garments do provide a tight support many wearers find pleasurable. There’s also no denying the pleasure people who engage in corsetry receive when admiring themselves in the mirror.

Corsets are made using basic patterns that are easily customized, so it’s not surprising many corset enthusiasts turn their hand to crafting their own. People who engage in corsetry can control how their corset looks and feels. Creating a corset is also more affordable than purchasing a completed one.


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