Corset Gag

Updated: MAY 22, 2017

A corset gag is a type of gag which covers both the wearer’s mouth and neck. This variety of gag is usually worn by a submissive individual during a BDSM scene. Corset gags are usually made from leather or a soft leather like material, such as vinyl, reinforced with metal hardware.

A corset gag may also be known as a neck corset gag.

More About Corset Gag

The gag portion of a corset gag usually follows a traditional gag design. There are corset gags with ball gags, ring gags, stuffer gags, and more. The neck portion usually has an enclosed, collar-like appearance with lacing in the back for a tight, customized fit.

A corset gag elongates the wearer’s neck and makes a dramatic statement. Some see it as a kinky take on the Victorian collar, which covered the neck to suit the more conservative fashion style of the day. As they are so visually appealing, professional BDSM models and submissives posing at home may like to wear a corset gag during photo shoots.

However, a corset gag is much more than a mere fashion accessory. Like all gags, it is a tool for removing a submissive’s power of speech and reinforcing BDSM roles. As speech is compromised, breathing can be as well. For this reason, a submissive should never wear a corset gag unsupervised. A safe action, rather than a safe word, should be put in place in case a submissive cannot verbally show their distress.


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