Updated: SEPTEMBER 4, 2017

Conjugal is an adjective which describes things pertaining to a marriage or married relationship. Originally this term described matters relating a husband and wife, but it has recently been expanded with the approval of same-sex marriages in many parts of the world.

The term conjugal comes from the Latin word conjux, which means husband or wife.

More About Conjugal

Many things are commonly described as conjugal. Conjugal property is the property a couple acquires while they are married. This property must be divided if the couple divorces. Property that is not conjugal, because it was acquired before the marriage, is returned to the person who bought it if a divorce occurs.

Conjugal visits are the extended visits people have with their imprisoned husbands or wives. During these visits, which in the United States last anywhere from six to 24 hours, a married prisoner can spend time with their spouse in an apartment-style setting. Married couples usually have sex on a conjugal visit.

Conjugal rights are the rights husbands and wives have to expect sexual intercourse with their spouses.

Some other phrases are less common, but still readily understood. For example, being monogamous and communicating openly may be conjugal obligations for some people. Doing these things keeps the marriage running smoothly. The life that married people share could be described as a conjugal life.


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