Updated: JULY 6, 2020

Communication is the act of transferring information from a sender to a recipient. Information transferred via communication is called a message. A message can be transferred between individuals or groups. Communication falls into three key categories: written, verbal, and nonverbal.

Good communication builds good professional and personal relationships. Honing your communication skills helps you have better intimate relationships and better sex.

More About Communication

Open communication with your partner makes sex more pleasurable and fulfilling. It can also help you learn more about your partner and strengthen your bond.

You should discuss several topics including what you like and don’t like in bed and how often you hope to have sex. Your sexual health and contraceptives are also important topics of conversation. Discussing how to explore and compromise sexually with your partner is also important. Talking about consent is also vital.

It’s important to remember there are several different kinds of communication. Heeding nonverbal communication during foreplay and sex can make you a better lover. Writing down your feelings for your partner can be less confronting than talking about them. You may also like to read erotica or sex manuals or watch porn with your partner. These tools can naturally spark conversations about sex.

Partners should constantly communicate throughout their relationships. People’s wants and needs change over time. Regular communication ensures couples stay connected as they evolve.

Choosing the right time for communication is important though. While some level of communication in the bedroom is vital for good sex, discussing technique in detail before sex can add pressure. Discussing sex afterwards can seem critical. These discussions can be more productive in neutral settings outside the bedroom.


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