Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Commando is the state of not wearing underpants. Typically a person is said to “go commando” if they don’t wear underpants underneath their clothing.

Certain clothes are designed for going commando, like kilts, sarongs, and swimwear. However, people can go commando wearing any clothes they like. It may be uncomfortable in very tight-fitting clothes, like skinny jeans, though.

While the origins of the term are unclear, commandos are military soldiers or units. The phrase “going commando” may refer to the genitals being like soldiers, “out in the open” or “ready for action.”

Both men and women can go commando. Free balling (for men) and free buffing (for women) are two gender-specific synonyms for going commando.

More About Commando

Going commando can be thrilling. There is an element of danger about the practice, especially wearing clothes like dresses or kilts that could potentially expose the genitals if they’re caught by the wind, for example. For some people, going commando may even provide sexual pleasure. It may become a safe form of exhibitionism, as in most cases only the person who goes commando knows they’re wearing less than other people.

Some people may also find going commando is more comfortable for them. Many find underwear restrictive and find going commando feels freeing. Without underwear you won’t have wedgies or the visible panty lines that plague so many women.

Going commando may also have some health benefits. Tight fitting underwear can provide a breeding ground for yeast infections. Going commando can reduce your risk of contracting one of these uncomfortable infections.

However, there can be some downsides. Some apparel may chafe the genitals, especially at the seams. Baby powder or petroleum jelly can reduce chafing. Baby powder can also prevent jock itch and reduce sweat stains.


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