Combined Hormone Contraceptives

Updated: APRIL 5, 2021

Combined hormone contraceptives are forms of contraception that contain progestogens and estrogens, two types of female hormones. These are considered as effective means of birth control. Combined hormone contraceptives are usually taken orally. This is more popularly referred to as “the pill.” Other forms include vaginal ring applications and contraceptive skin patches.

More About Combined Hormone Contraceptives

The type and strength of estrogens and progestogens vary according to brand. Estradiol, ethinylestradiol, and mestranol are examples of estrogens. On the other hand, desogestrel, gestodene and drospirenone are examples of progestogens. Combined hormone contraceptives contain one type of oestrogen and progestogen each. The contraception's ingredient list indicates its content. Strength is either low-strength or standard-strength. A qualified doctor will determine which combined hormone contraceptive is best for a woman.


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