Collar and Lead

Updated: SEPTEMBER 12, 2016

Collars and leads are among the most popular accessories designed for bondage play and BDSM. Designed to be worn by anyone of any gender, the collar is normally worn around the neck to indicate their status as a submissive, bottom, or slave. A lead/leash can be slipped into the collar for the Dominant to lead their submissive around the house or even in public places.

Collars and leads come in a variety of fabrics including satin, leather, vinyl, PU leather, and polyester.

More About Collar and Lead

People involved in committed BDSM relationships may also have formal collaring ceremonies where the Dominant officially places a collar and lead around the submissive’s neck. Most BDSM collars come with a metal D-ring to accommodate the leash. However, some models also include a built-in leash that is directly attached to the collar.

The NS Novelties Bondage Couture Vinyl Collar and Leash up against a plain white background | Kinkly ShopExample of a collar. Pictured is the NS Novelties Bondage Couture Vinyl Collar and Leash.

For added discretion, some submissives also choose to wear a piece of jewelry like a choker necklace instead of a regular collar. Symbolically, the leash represents security and protection for submissives as they surrender complete control of their bodies to their partners.



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