Clothed Female, Naked Male

Updated: DECEMBER 21, 2021

Clothed Female, Naked Male is an erotic situation that involves one or more nude men and one or more clothed women. Often abbreviated as CFNM, various different activities can be involved in Clothed Female, Naked Male scenes, but they are not all inherently sexual.

The common thread is that the women involved stay clothed, even when they participate in sexual activities, and the men are always nude. While some women will wear dominatrix-style clothing in CFNM scenarios, more frequently women are encouraged to wear common, everyday outfits to heighten the casual nudity of the male participants.

When defined specifically as Clothed Female, Naked Male, the situation is explicitly gendered, as female- and male-identifying folks in those roles. However, each participant's sexuality is not explicit, as female dominants may not be exclusively heterosexual and they may may consensually suggest or ask for the nude men to perform sexual acts on each other as long as it enjoyable to all parties involved. There are also related variants on this same theme, particularly, Clothed Male, Naked Female.

As the gendered name suggests, these parties have strong ties to the gender binary. Of course, some non-binary folks may enjoy these parties and should be included as well- which may require titling the party as something more gender-expansive.

Non-sexual CFNM situations can involve men serving women, men giving women massages, or cocktail parties of casual conversation. Exhibitionism and voyeurism are a strong factor in this paraphilia, and the sight of a naked man, or the knowledge of being seen naked can be highly satisfying.

When sex is involved in Clothed Female, Naked Male scenes, it is more often linked to BDSM. The situations frequently involve varying degrees of female domination, power exchange and humiliation. The clothed female can inspect and degrade the naked men’s genitals, administer punishments such as spanking, require worship, demand erections, force masturbation and orgasms and many other sexual acts the naked males eagerly consent to.

Denial is also a popular technique in CFNM scenes. Male participants may be edged, but not allowed to orgasm, by dominant females, other submissive males or themselves. The men may also not be touched at all.

Ensuring consent is constantly honored is very important. The innate power structure of the situation doesn't change the rules of consent.

More About Clothed Female, Naked Male

You don't have to be deep into the BDSM scene nor do you have to be an experienced dominatrix to introduce clothed female, naked male scenarios in the bedroom. Chances are your lover will be more than happy to strip down for some new and exciting sex games. To start, have your man strip down to just his birthday suit, and take it from there. If femdom isn't your thing, you can make the experience a little more intimate by teasing your partner, giving him an erotic massage, or performing fellatio.

There is some belief that the desire for Clothed Female, Naked Male scenes has came into being when they were depicted in pornography and discussed in internet forums. While the growth in knowledge of this kink can certainly be attributed to recognition online, as a form of Dominance and submission, it surely has roots that go back many, many years.

While male nudity was much more common centuries ago, when clothing became the norm, the act of being forced out of clothing became a humiliating experience. To be “stripped of rank” or “dressed down” can be considered the physical or psychologically forced removal of garments. And as with other aspects of human sexuality, it is easy to see how these acts were translated into sexual desire and kink.

This is not to diminish the impact of porn and the web in growing the CFNM movement. While it falls under a general BDSM/Femdom umbrella, Clothed Female, Naked Male didn’t have a name until it was recognized in these two mediums, and now it is very popular among men and women.

Not only is it an on-line destination for viewers and discussion, but aficionados also organize specific meetups and parties to enjoy Clothed Female, Naked Male action with like-minded revellers. Typically small and privately hosted, CFNM parties can be as simple as men and women mingling or they can feature a variety of femdom and sexual activities. CFNM are sometimes specifically arranged at sex clubs.

And these revellers can enjoy the open-ended potential of Clothed Female, Naked Male in a variety of ways. While some CFNM scenes are straight forward, focussing on dominance in that relationship, role play can also be introduced and an exciting variant. Boss/worker, teacher/student and faux incest fantasy scenarios are popular in both CFNM porn, erotica and in real-life adventures. Specific costumes and surroundings can be introduced to heighten the experience.


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