Updated: AUGUST 29, 2022
Reviewed by Dr. Sunny Rodgers
on September 28, 2022

A clitoris is a body part found on most people with vulvas. The external portion is a small nub that sits at the top of the vaginal opening (head of the clitoris), covered by the clitoral hood. The internal portion consists of two rounded bulbs and two legs on either side of the vaginal canal.

The clitoris is full of nerve endings, and a lot of people derive a lot of pleasure from having it touched. Similar to a penis, as a clitoris becomes aroused, it fills with blood and expands, becoming very sensitive to stimulation. Before the clitoris is engorged with blood, direct stimulation may be painful.

Clitoris is often shortened to clit.

diagram of the clitoris

More About Clitoris

Although when people talk about the clit, they are usually talking about the glans, which is the head of the clitoris you can see, the clitoris actually extends quite far inside the body too. Some experts believe this internal network of the clitoris may be responsible for the pleasure the g-spot provides!

The clitoris glans (the external portion) is normally covered by the clitoral hood. Some people like the feeling of direct contact (under the hood), and some find this too sensitive and prefer to be stimulated through the skin of the hood. Experiment a bit to find out what feels best to you.

Once stimulated and aroused, the clitoris can increase by up to double its size as it fills with blood and changes color. Once aroused, many clitoris-owners find they enjoy firmer and faster pressure than in an unaroused state.

There is a common misconception that men have trouble finding the clit to give a vulva-owner pleasure. If you have a vulva, make sure you know where your clitoris is so you can guide your partner if they are having trouble finding the right spot. It will feel firm in contrast to the surrounding tissues of the vulva which are soft and spongy.

Stimulation of the clitoris alone can lead many people to orgasm, whether that be by hand, mouth, or sex toy. There are tons of sex toys on the market that are designed to stimulate the clitoris. We recommend trying a few different styles to see what feels best to you...vibrations, air suction, or oral sex simulators that aim to feel like a tongue.

Learn more about the clitoris and how to pleasure it from our sex dictionary:



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