Clitoral Fusion

Published: MAY 14, 2019

Clitoral fusion is a medical condition where the shaft and the hood of the clitoris stick or fuse together.

Clitoral fusion can occur in females of any age, from children to seniors. It may occur gradually or be a relatively rapid process taking just weeks.

Clitoral fusion is sometimes called clitoral adhesion.

More About Clitoral Fusion

A healthy clitoris is covered by a slick mucous membrane which allows the shaft and hood to slide back and forth without fusing together. However, trauma can make the tissue sticky rather than slippery. When this occurs, the parts of the clitoris stick together, creating clitoral fusion.

Clitoral fusion is a common symptom of lichen sclerosis, an inflammatory skin condition affecting the vulva. Clitoral fusion can also occur following surgery or other trauma to the clitoris, such as scratching or aggressive sex.

Clitoral fusion can make sexual intercourse and other sexual stimulation very painful. This can take a real toll on intimate relationships, so communication is key.

Steroid and estrogen creams can help correct clitoral fusion. Lidocaine ointment can help relieve the pain associated with clitoral fusion. Clitoral surgery is another option, although the trauma of surgery can create more fusion. Gentle manipulation may also help the clitoris return to normal. Anecdotal evidence suggests some natural remedies including coconut oil, emu oil, herbal teas, and Vitamin E cream may also be beneficial.


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