Clitoral Crura

Updated: MAY 18, 2020

The clitoral crura are two erectile tissue structures which form a V-shape that meets at the clitoral body. They generally point towards the thighs, but when a woman is aroused, the crura, like all of the clitoris’ erectile tissue, becomes engorged with blood and stretches back towards the spine.

The crura are located next to the vestibular bulbs and attached to the pubic arch. The crura also run behind the labia for about four inches, along the urethra, the urethral sponge, and the vagina.

The ischiocavernosus muscle is also part of the clitoral crura. This muscle helps flex the anus and tense the vagina during the female orgasm. It is also one of the muscles worked during Kegel exercises.

More About Clitoral Crura

The clitoral glans tends to get all the attention, but stimulating the clitoral crus can also be very erotic. To make it feel good, form a peace sign with your fingers, and place the point where the extended fingers meet around the glans of clitoris. Your fingers should be facing downwards, on either side of the vaginal opening. Then just apply a little undulating pressure to massage these sensitive tissues. Vibrators are also useful for stimulating the clitoral crura.

As they’re internal, the clitoral crura can be difficult to locate, but this task gets easier the more aroused a woman gets.

A growing number of researchers are paying attention to the clitoral crura. Some even suggest they’re responsible for a woman’s vaginal and G-Zone orgasms.


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