Cleaning Fetish

Updated: JULY 30, 2018

Cleaning fetish refers to the sexual arousal by or interest in a subordinate performing routine household cleaning chores.

More About Cleaning Fetish

This fetish stems from a BDSM interest. The person-in-charge orders the subordinate around and demands the completion of domestic tasks. Aprons play a large role in this fetish for many. Also, many fetishists enjoy maid costumes from different countries and/or time periods. Other props that can be used include rubber gloves and cleaning props used in an eroticized manner. Many subordinates involved in the fetish do not wear any clothing during domestic chores. They either clean while completely nude or only wear an apron. They may be "kept in line" with impact play from their partner.

The level of sexual arousal included within the cleaning scene may vary by the participants. Some cleaning fetishists want their service to be as non-sexual and realistic as possible; they may be aroused by being as close to a professional house cleaner or butler as possible or may simply enjoy making their dominant's life easier through their service. Cleaning fetishists into this aspect may prefer to be left alone to complete their tasks.

Other cleaning fetishists, however, may prefer to sexualize this experience with their partner's involvement. This may include using hands-free sex toys to add sensations during the scene. A remote-control option, like the Lovense Lush 3, can provide instantaneous feedback from the top when the cleaning fetishist does something incorrectly or exceeds expectations. While not required or necessary, many subordinates who derive sexual arousal from this may also desire humiliation and degradation as part of their cleaning scene.


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