Updated: JANUARY 17, 2016

Chrematistophilia is a fetish for engaging in sex under forced financial exchange. Someone with chrematistophilia, known as a chrematistophile, becomes sexually aroused if they are either forced to pay for sex or are robbed by a sexual partner. In some cases, chrematistophilia can manifest itself as a desire to be forced to have sex for money.

The term chrematistophilia entered the lexicon in the 1980s.

More About Chrematistophilia

It can be dangerous to engage in real-life chrematistophilia, so many chrematistophiles enjoy role-playing scenarios where they act as a sex worker or as a victim of crime for sexual gratification.

However, others are aroused by real criminal encounters, and may seek out people who will take advantage of them. This can of course put people at risk, so therapy may be sought to manage the condition. Webcam blackmail services can also help chrematistophiles satisfy their urges in the safety of their own home.

Ronald W. Keyes, who committed a series of robberies in the 1990s, is one of the most famous chrematistophiles. While most chrematistophiles do not commit robberies themselves, his crimes were a symptom of the condition because he was coerced into the acts at gunpoint by his girlfriend. He was aroused throughout the robberies, and even ejaculated several times during his crimes. After committing the robberies, he would return to his girlfriend and spend hours having sex and recounting the robbery.

Chrematistophilia is closely related to hybristophilia, which is a sexual preference for people who commit dangerous crimes, and autassassinophilia, which is arousal that comes from being close to death.


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