Updated: MARCH 2, 2016

Chremastistophilia is a paraphilia in which individuals become sexually aroused from the experience of losing their money or possessions. The arousal might stem from being held up at gun point, robbed, charged for sexual offenses, conned, blackmailed, or cheated by one's sexual partner or a complete stranger.

Chremastistophilia is sometimes known colloquially as the hold-up kink.

This paraphilia is the opposite of kleptolagnia which is sexual arousal through theft or unlawful breaking and entering.

More About Chremastistophilia

Some experts theorize that chremastistophiles channel strong emotions, such as frustration, annoyance, rage, vulnerability, and fear that would usually result from being stripped of wealth or possessions, and focus them into sexual arousal and pleasure. However, given the lack of research, it’s reasonable to suggest that chremastistophilia is very rare.

Despite its rarity, there are a number of websites that cater to chremastistophiles. Through these sites chremastistophiles, who are sometimes called financial submissives, can connect with financial dominants. Through online chat conversations, these dominants taunt the submissives by telling them what they will spend the stolen money on and how it will make them feel. Through this virtual interaction, many chremastistophiles feel they can safely satisfy their paraphilia.

However, chremastistophiles don’t always make such healthy choices. Some may seek out strangers who might rob them to achieve the high that comes with satisfying their paraphilia. This dangerous practice is seen as edge play as these strangers may cause them physical harm.


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