Chemical Play

Updated: MAY 4, 2020

Chemical play refers to the use of chemical substances, often in liquid form, during sex. These chemicals are means of increasing excitement through different tactile sensations. They are applied sensually through caresses and sometimes, even using sexual body parts such as the penis or nipples. Substances used include chili peppers, tabasco, lemon, cinnamon, Bengay, Tiger Balm, and Vicks Vapor Rub. These are applied anywhere on the body, including favorites such as the genitals, anus, inner thighs, and tongue.

More About Chemical Play

Chemical play can be very exciting. It adds another level of sensation during sex, and can increase the intensity of orgasms. Of course, as always, remember that introducing foreign substances to ones body has innate risks. At the very least, applying these chemicals can cause temporary burns. Safety is requisite. When one intends to play with chemicals, have substances that can counter their effects nearby, such as water, milk, and anti-inflammatory medicine.


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