Chastity Belt

Updated: APRIL 18, 2016

A chastity belt is an item of clothing which locks to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. Historically such devices were used to protect a woman’s virtue or prevent rape, but modern versions are now used by men and women, especially in the BDSM community.

Chastity belts are typically used to prevent a submissive partner from engaging in masturbation or sexual intercourse until given permission by the dominant partner. This is generally done as part of the practice of orgasm denial.

More About Chastity Belt

A submissive partner willingly puts on a chastity belt to surrender control of their sexual activities to the dominant partner. The submissive is unable to have sex with anyone else, including the dominant partner, until he or she is permitted to do so. While the submissive agrees to wear the chastity belt, the practice typically invokes feelings of sexual frustration. The enforced sexual denial helps make a submissive more obedient. Modern chastity belts may be worn during sex play, for a limited period, or for a much longer term, as determined by the dominant.

Chastity belts can continue to have an impact on a submissive’s behavior even after they are removed. Once the belt is removed, submissives tend to be more manageable and more attentive to their dominant partners.

Chastity belts may also be used as part of a game during experimental couples not involved in BDSM or even by individuals during solo play.

Many modern chastity belts worn by men and women are inspired by the Florentine pattern of traditional chastity belts. They have a band around the waist or hips and a protective shield which covers the genitals. Another modern chastity belt worn exclusively by men is known as a chastity cage or chastity tube. It encloses a man’s penis and makes an erection uncomfortable or even impossible to achieve.

Chastity cages should be properly fitted to ensure they do not damage the male genitalia. If the cage is too tight, it may restrict blood flow. Chaffing and other minor injuries are also common. Chastity belts intended for long-term use should be made from medical grade stainless steel or titanium to ensure that allergies and metal poisoning do not occur.

In kink circles, the month of October is often referred to as "Locktober," and is when people who enjoy chastity play may challenge themselves to chastity - with or without the help of a device - for the month.


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