Updated: JANUARY 22, 2018

Catheterization is the process of inserting a flexible rubbed tube called a catheter into the body, usually the bladder via the urethra. Catheterization in a sexual context, as opposed to its more common medical use, is known as catheter play. Catheter play is most commonly part of medical play, involving role playing as patients and doctors or nurses, and pony play.

More About Catheterization

When catheterization becomes a part of sexual play, it’s usually used for bladder control. Once the catheter is inserted, the submissive can no longer control their own urinary function. The bladder will simply drain while the catheter is left open. If the catheter is clamped, the submissive is unable to urinate even if they want to do so.

Having a catheter inserted into the urethra can feel physically arousing, as the urethra is very sensitive. Before reaching the bladder, the catheter will also pass through the male prostate gland. Some people also get aroused by the thought of having the catheter inside them. However, they should resist the urge to masturbate, as this can irritate the urethra and potentially cause damage to the bladder, sphincter muscles, or nerves.

Health experts strongly advise against people without medical training performing catheterization. The urethra can be seriously damaged or become infected by poor catheterization techniques. Women are more prone to infection than men, as their urethras are shorter, so it’s even riskier to catheterize them. If infection does occur, make sure you seek medical attention immediately.

Sterilization is vital to safe catheterization, as without this step infections may be introduced to the body. People performing catheterization should also wash their hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and water to eliminate germs. The genitals of the submissive should also be washed and rinsed. Dominants should wear latex gloves for catheterization for further protection against germs.

A small amount of lubricant on the tip of the penis or at the insertion point of the vagina can make catheterization easier. The catheter can also be lubricated, although you should work in small sections to ensure the tube doesn’t get too slippery. It’s important the dominant does not touch the catheter any more than required during insertion.


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