Castration Fantasy

Updated: MAY 5, 2022

Castration fantasy refers to erotic fantasizing about castration. Castration refers to the surgical removal or chemical deactivation of the testicles. This fantasy can be held by a person who gets pleasure at the idea of the removal of their own testicles, but dominant women may also fetishize the idea of invalidating a man's pleasure, either permanently or temporarily via cock and ball (CBT) torture.

More About Castration Fantasy

For some individuals, the fantasy of being castrated is enough. For others, the fantasy reaches further. A survey conducted on a castration fetish website in 2008 found that 20% of respondents had extreme desires to live out their fantasies around erotic castration; 19% of those had attempted self castration. Castration fantasies are common in the BDSM community as a form of emasculation or humiliation. Some play out these fantasies via cock and ball torture since the physiological repercussions of actual castration are dramatic and irreversible.

Castration may also become a preoccupation among those with sexual fantasies that disturb them, or that they fear they may act on.


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