Candle Wax Torture

Updated: NOVEMBER 3, 2018

Candle wax torture is the practice of dripping hot wax from a candle onto the skin of a submissive during a BDSM play session. The hot candle wax burns the skin in a mild way. This burn is enough to cause pain, but when done correctly (including using the proper sort of candles), it’s rarely strong enough to really damage the skin.

Candle wax torture is also called simply wax torture.

More About Candle Wax Torture

During candle wax torture, dominants may vary the height and location they're dripping wax. They might make shapes with the wax, layer the wax up on the skin, and play in other ways.

Candle wax torture can reinforce the roles of a couple in a BDSM-style relationship. Dominant individuals enjoy taking control of the candle wax torture while submissives can feel even more vulnerable with dominants in charge of how much wax they receive, when it drips, and where.

Candle wax torture is also very erotic. Wax creates a pleasurable pain on impact which can be very arousing. Dominants also typically find the power candle wax torture gives them a real turn-on.

Soy candles are the safest candles for candle wax torture, as the wax cools quickly and is non-irritating. Scented and paraffin candles don’t burn as hot, but their wax takes longer to cool. Brighter colored candles typically burn hotter than pale ones due to their dyes.

Dominants should always test the candle wax on themselves to ensure it’s not too hot. They should also communicate with their submissives, as individuals have different pain thresholds.

Wax cools as it travels through the air, so holding candles high is the safest technique. Be careful when dripping wax near the face and eyes. Wax should never be dripped onto the genitals or open wounds.

Candle wax torture can also be a bit messy. Have the submissive lie on a plastic sheet or rag to avoid spoiling bed sheets, the floor, or another play surface. Flammable items should also be removed from the play space to prevent fires.

Removing candle wax after candle wax torture can be a little painful and difficult, especially in places with a lot of hair.


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