Cam Girl

Updated: MARCH 28, 2023

A cam girl is a female webcam model. Cam girls perform in front of live webcams, streaming their shows to online audiences. Their performances are typically sexual in nature and may involve stripping and other provocative acts. However, some cam girls prefer to remained clothed and simply talk to their online fans.

American college student Jenny Ringley became the first world’s first cam girl in 1966. Today there are at least 12,500 webcam models, including cam girls, online at any time. Their efforts make camming a multi-billion-dollar industry.

Cam girl is sometimes written camgirl.

More About Cam Girl

Most cam girls work for themselves in the privacy of their own homes. This gives them autonomy over their content and how they present themselves. Cam girls can be as sexually explicit or provocative as they like. They might strip or masturbate, do yoga or hula hoop in their underwear, chat about intimate topics, or anything else that takes their fancy. They can also decide who they talk to and whether to move from public chats to private chats with selected fans.

Camming websites typically host public and private streams for a selection of cam girls. These websites typically verify cam girls are at least 18 years of age to ensure they’re not distributing child pornography. They also collect a percentage of the money cam girls make.

Online viewers often pay money to access their favorite cam girl streams. Some cam sites may have free sections and extra footage and features for paying subscribers, like live web chat. Fans may send more money, in the form of tips, and goods to show their appreciation. Cam girls can make additional money selling videos to fans. They also maintain social network profiles and blogs which build their brands and foster their relationships with loyal fans.

Strong relationships are very important to a cam girl’s success. Cam viewers seek out these connections, which aren’t available when viewing traditional pornography. Web cam viewers say they feel like part of a community when chatting with cam girls and their other fans. Some men become very invested in these relationships, even though they never meet the cam girls in person.

Being a cam girl is a way to make money, so it’s a popular choice for many college girls and unemployed women. However, since the sex industry is still taboo and many employers screen candidates online, cam girls may be discriminated against when searching for other work.


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