Butterfly Queen

Updated: DECEMBER 24, 2018

Butterfly queen is slang term that refers to a homosexual man who prefers mutual oral sex (blow jobs) over other forms of sexual activity. A butterfly queen often prefers to both give and receive fellatio in the 69 position. This preference may be rooted in the pleasure derived from giving fellatio while simultaneously receiving it.

More About Butterfly Queen

Butterfly queens may be considered unusual as many believe anal sex to be the preferred sexual activity of homosexual men, however in a 2011poll of more than 24,700 gay and bisexual men ages 18 to 87 performed by researchers from George Mason University, Indiana University, and Online Buddies, Inc., 75 percent of respondents reported giving oral sex while 73.4 reported receiving it. In the same poll, less than 36 percent of respondents reported engaging in anal intercourse.


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