Updated: AUGUST 23, 2021

Bustiers are form-fitting women’s tops with built-in bras that are traditionally worn as a type of lingerie. Most are made from soft fabrics like silk, satin, or nylon. They close at the front or back, typically with hook and eye closures. Bustiers smooth the waist and push the breasts up to create an hourglass feminine shape.

A bustier is sometimes spelled bustiere.

More About Bustiers

Traditional bustiers were boned to smooth the female midriff. While some modern bustiers have plastic boning, many contemporary designs feature mesh panels with similar shaping functions. This helps make them more comfortable and less confining to wear.

A bustier is similar to a basque but is much shorter. While a basque extends past the waistline, a bustier tends to sit at the waistline or the bottom of the ribs. Bustiers are also similar to corsets. Bustiers seek to push the breasts up, but corsets are intended to cinch the body. Bustiers are also shorter and less expensive than corsets.

While bustiers were originally used as lingerie, they can also be worn as outerwear to make a fashion statement. They may also be worn instead of a push-up bra to enhance the female form or a half-slip underneath sheer tops.

Like most lingerie items, some people fetishize bustiers. Many people who admire women enjoy looking at women wearing bustiers as the garments enhance the breasts and sculpt the midriff region. Bustiers made from leather, PVC, and other tight-fitting materials are designed to appeal to people who have a fetish for this type of lingerie.

Bustiers should be custom-fitted to ensure the best fit. Women should pay attention to how their bustier feels, how it fits their chest, and whether the seams are strained before deciding if a bustier fits them correctly.


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