Updated: AUGUST 2, 2021
Reviewed by Dr. Laura McGuire
on July 20, 2021

Bussy is a slang term for the male anus. It is commonly used to refer to the anuses of submissive gay men, or bottoms.

The term bussy is mainly used within the queer community, especially by men considered "feminine," called femboys. They might refer to their bussies when they want to have sex with someone, or the bussies of other people they believe are turned on or promiscuous.

The term bussy was first used online around 1992, but the queer community used it much earlier than this. It gained widespread, mainstream online usage around the mid-2000s. There are several theories about its origins. Some believe it is a portmanteau of the words butt or butthole and pussy, while others believe it’s a mix of the words boy and pussy.

Another modern interpretation is that bussy is a combination of bitch and pussy. It’s no coincidence that all interpretations of the word bussy feature the word pussy. The point is that like a pussy, a bussy gets penetrated (often by a penis.)

People may use the term bussy in casual conversations with friends or during sex. Some men may refer to their anus as a bussy during sex or foreplay. Gender-swapped alternatives to phrases women may say during sex, such as “Pound my bussy” and “Do you like my tight bussy?” may elevate a sexual experience.

While the anus has no natural lubrication, people may also say their bussy is wet when they see someone they find attractive. This phrase simply means they feel aroused. While their bussy isn’t physically wet, they feel the kind of deep arousal that women do when their pussies get wet.

The term bussy has also evolved to become more inclusive over time. While it’s primarily used to refer to the male anus, a transmasculine vulva may also be called a bussy.

More About Bussy

As with most sex terms, some people love the term bussy while others hate it. Some people become more aroused by using the term or hearing others use it during foreplay or penetrative sex. As bussy stems from a word usually linked with women, hearing it during sex can turn on someone with a kink or interest in femininization. The term can also seem degrading and emasculating, which can be a turn-on because it’s taboo.

Critics of the term bussy may find it jarring or even offensive. As in many segments of society, misogyny and heteronormativity are issues that persist in queer and gay male circles and thus affirms those who have concerns about both of those issues being present in this term. Some say the term is misogynistic, especially as some people who use the term bussy feel negatively towards the pussy.

Others feel the term tries to make their sexual relationships heteronormative by ascribing feminine-like parts to the bottom. They would much rather recognize the bussy as an ass rather than something akin to the vagina. Some people feel uncomfortable about other feminine terms that gay men have appropriated, such as pussy and coochie. Others prefer these more common terms to bussy. They believe men should embrace their "femininity" rather than trying to find a new, more masculine equivalent.

Some people sit somewhere in the middle of these two extremes. They are more accepting but ambivalent about the term bussy. Many people say they humorously use the word bussy when joking with friends but keep it out of the bedroom. If a partner uses this term, they may find themselves disconnecting with a sexual moment but wouldn’t feel offended or insulted. Others say they don’t find it sexy and instead prefer more traditional terms such as ass.

As the term bussy is so divisive, it’s a good idea to check with your partner before using it. While it might be a turn-on, it could also be a real turn-off that makes a sex session go sour. Communicating your preference beforehand is a great way to make sure your dirty talk arouses both of you.


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