Updated: JULY 7, 2022

A bull is the third party brought into a cuckold relationship, meant to have sex with one partner while the other partner feels both humiliated and turned on. A bull is generally portrayed as a more attractive, better endowed, sexually virile man with incredible sexual talents (compared to the cuckold).

Cuckolding is a fetish that is frequently depicted as the woman, (the hotwife) of a heterosexual couple engaging in sex with another man, the bull. Her own male partner, the cuck, is aware of this sexual relationship, and is sometimes a non-touching participant who derives pleasure from the degradation of seeing his partner be better satisfied with a more attractive and sexually competent male.

The bull may also verbally humiliate the cuck while having sex with the hotwife, bragging about his abilities to please her better than the cuck can. While this is the most frequently regarded version of a cuckold relationship and bulls are usually male, any person regardless of gender or identity and relationship dynamic can participate in cuckold fetish.

A cuckold fetish is frequently considered a type of dominance/submission play, with the bull considered more of a tool to facilitate that play for the couple. Even if the bull is dominant in performance, their participation is a means to an end for the cuckold couple.

A bull may also be called a cuckold bull, a swinger bull, or an alpha male, although this term isn’t used exclusively to describe bulls.

More About Bull

Cuckolding has a long history in both literature and society. It has emerged in popular culture in more recent years as celebrities have admitted to indulging in the fetish.

It is unknown when the term “bull” was introduced into cuckold fetish vernacular, but it has certainly taken root. Because the term’s place in cuckold history is unsure, there is speculation of both positive and negative connotations. On the plus side, a bull is often seen as an immensely strong, sexually omnipotent animal.

Conversely, referring to someone as a farm animal has been met with negative response. It has been suggested that equating the bull with an animal marks them as inferior to the hotwife and the cuck. It has also been suggested that using the term bull is rooted in racist stereotypical depictions of black men with large penises. This has been played up significantly in cuckold fetish pornography and erotica as are frequently portrayed by black men.

To navigate a cuckold relationship, consent and boundaries should be clear for all parties, including the bull. Because it is closely related, bringing a bull into a relationship is close to having a threesome or swinging.

Adding the humiliation aspects, however, which can include degradation and felching, separates the scene into more of a niche fetish. While some folks might be interested in bringing random new partners in to act as a bull, other couples establish a relationship with their bull and engage that person repeatedly.

Sex workers are also sometimes employed to act as the cuckold bull. As is sometimes the case with sexual relationships, feelings can be developed for the bull. This can move the relationship between the three from cuckolding to something different. Depending on what is desired, aftercare talks and decompression can address feelings and ensure happiness among all participants.


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