Buckle Bunny

Updated: SEPTEMBER 19, 2022
Reviewed by Kinkly Staff
on September 18, 2022

Buckle bunny is a term used to refer to female groupies or fans of rodeo cowboys. Like other types of groupies, buckle bunnies often pursue the attention of and intimate relationships with rodeo competitors. Buckle bunnies tend to sport a sexy Western aesthetic, which may include short cut-offs, cowboy boots and hat, large belt buckles, and low-cut or midriff-baring shirts.

Buckle bunnies get their name because what they may be most attracted to is the prize-winning belt buckle received by winning competitors. Rodeo buckles include information about the rodeo and prize. Because it's against social convention to wear a buckle one has not earned himself, the buckle serves as a sort of identifier for those who are most attracted to top competitors.

In addition to intimacy and companionship, buckle bunnies may do a competitor's laundry, cook him meals or even pay the entry fees for his next competition.

More About Buckle Bunny

While some people embrace the term "buckle bunny," others find it offensive. For some, the term implies that the woman is not a real rodeo fan or even a "country girl," but someone just looking to sleep with an attractive rodeo participant.

The term "bunny" has been attached to many other sports and hobbies. A buckle bunny is similar to a puck bunny who serves the same role in the ice hockey community.

Many find the use of the term "bunny" to be an offensive way to refer to a woman, as it connotes someone who is docile, unintelligent and, possibly, disposable. Playboy famously used the term "bunny" to refer to women who were celebrated only for their physical and sexual attributes, a role that has been criticized as being exploitive. The concept of the Playboy bunny emerged in the 1950s. It is possible that buckle bunnies and other references to "bunnies" stem from the word's use by Playboy.


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