Brown Sugar

Updated: DECEMBER 14, 2015

Brown sugar is a colloquial word for a young, attractive black woman. It is most commonly used to refer to a woman with light brown skin similar to unrefined or partially refined sugar.

The term brown sugar is also often used to refer to engaging in a sexual act with the type of woman described above.

More About Brown Sugar

While the term brown sugar generally refers only to a woman’s appearance, it also carries certain connotations about her personality. A female called brown sugar is generally thought of as intelligent, classy, and the type of woman that you could marry. Even though the term can carry a sexual connotation, a brown sugar is thought of as sexy but not promiscuous.

The term brown sugar was most famously used in the 1971 Rolling Stones song of the same name. This song makes reference to engaging in oral sex with the "brown sugar."

Within the BDSM community, the term brown sugar is also used to describe a black person who is interested in sadomasochistic activities. In this context, brown sugar usually describes a woman.


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