Breast Whipping

Updated: SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Breast whipping is a term for the act of whipping of the breasts to produce sexual pleasure. The breasts may be whipped with a range of tools, including floggers, cat of nine tails, paddles, and whips. Typically, a dominant will whip the breasts of their submissive partner, but breast whipping can also be enjoyed by other couples outside the BDSM community.

Breast whipping is also sometimes called tit whipping.

More About Breast Whipping

Breast whipping may be enjoyed as part of foreplay or on its own, as an aspect of breast torture. The submissive partner may be bound with rope or another fabric to increase their pleasure and restraint.

Those who are new to breast whipping should ease into the practice with a soft, small flogger, which will provide pleasure without introducing too much pain. Breasts can be very sensitive, and some submissives may need time to adjust to the sensations of breast whipping. After a few sessions, individuals may wish to experiment with a more intense flogger or another implement to combine the pleasurable sensations with pain.

Breast whipping has the potential to leave marks which may be visible while wearing low-cut tops or dresses. To prevent this, some people prefer to whip only the underside of the breasts, which aren't typically seen in public.


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