Bottom Drop

Updated: MARCH 13, 2017

Bottom drop, also known as sub drop, is the colloquial name for the intense feelings a bottom or sub may feel after a BDSM scene. These feelings often include depression or unhappiness, a jittery sensation, anger, or they may feel a bit "lost." The feelings experienced may vary depending on the scene, the sub's relationship with their dom/me, and the sub's values and beliefs.

Aftercare is very important after any BDSM scene to help manage the emotional after-effects.

More About Bottom Drop

Bottom drop has several contributing factors including loss of endorphins, comedown from the euphoria of the scene, guilt and shame, aftereffects of any boundary or edge play, or even sadness about the end of the closeness they had experienced with their dom/me.

Recognizing bottom drop for what it is and understanding its causes can be helpful in getting through the experience smoothly.


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