Boot Boy

Updated: DECEMBER 26, 2016

A boot boy is a slang term for a male submissive individual who is involved in BDSM activities including boot worship and boot blacking. The term boot boy is often applied to a submissive gay male, but it may also be used to describe a submissive heterosexual male who undergoes similar activities.

Most boot boys enjoy tending to leather boots, but this is not always the case.

More About Boot Boy

A boot boy is responsible for caring for the shoes of his dominant partner. Boot blacking is one of a boot boy’s key responsibilities. This involves polishing and shining the dominant partner’s boots. This may occur as part of boot worship, a type of boot-focused shoe fetish, or uniform play, a military-themed style of role play. Boot blacking is also a common way to start a larger BDSM scene.

A boot boy’s responsibilities may go beyond traditional care for his master’s boots and extend to the practice of boot worship. During boot worship, a boot boy may kiss, caress, lick, and otherwise fawn over his master’s boots. Some elements of uniform play may be incorporated into boot worship.

Tending to a master’s boots is a clear sign of submission and respect, so this activity can help reinforce the traditional roles in a BDSM relationship. These responsibilities can also be humiliating for a boot boy, particularly if he is asked to perform his duties in a public space. A boot boy is forced to be socially beneath his dominant partner and other individuals while performing his duties. This physical distance can be emphasized through the master’s verbal commands.


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