Black Sheet Party

Updated: DECEMBER 22, 2020

Black sheet party is a slang term for an orgy or sex party frequented by those involved in BDSM. The term originated in the '90s when black sheet parties gained popularity in cities like San Francisco. The original parties typically had a large proportion of gay and bisexual attendees although people of all genders and sexual orientations were welcome. Over time the term came to describe any orgy with BDSM-loving participants.

More About Black Sheet Party

Attendees at a black sheet party usually participate in a range of sexual behaviors such as caressing, kissing, massaging, manual stimulation, fisting, oral and penetrative sex, and much more.

Attendees are not obligated to participate in the sexual acts that occur at the party; they may simply like to watch the sexual interactions of others. Although there is a symbiotic relationship between exhibitionists and voyeurs at these parties, it’s important that voyeurs behave respectfully. If anyone engaged in sexual acts feels uncomfortable, they may ask those watching to move away.

Black sheet parties generally have strict rules about safe sex. Latex barriers are typically required for anal, penis-in-vagina sex, rimming, fisting, and blood play. These rules are generally enforced for all attendees even those who are fluid bonded. In addition, protection is encouraged when engaging in oral sex or using penetrative sex toys. Hosts often supply a variety of barriers for their guests.

While some attendees may consider themselves swingers, black sheet parties are not considered to be swingers’ parties. The biggest difference between the two types of gatherings is that swingers’ parties are attended by a group of close friends, whereas black sheet parties attract a wider range of attendees who may or may not know one another.


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