Updated: MAY 7, 2022

Beastiality - which is actually a mispelling of bestiality - refers to any and all sexual relations between a human and an animal. The term is derived from the term bestial, which refers to that which is beast-like and displays inhuman instincts and desires.

In the United States, most states have laws against the sexual assault of animals. Although limited data about bestiality exists, dogs and horses are believed to be the most common victims.

Research by Alfred Kinsey found that 8% of males and 5% of females had had at least one sexual interaction with animals. However, this research was conducted in the 1940s.

Bestiality is related to zoophilia, which is defined as a sexual interest in non-human species. There is some evidence that this preference may be a sexual orientation, although likely a rare one.

More About Beastiality

Bestiality is reviled in animal rights circles, as it is believed that animals cannot consent to sexual activity with a human being. Zoophiles, on the other hand, claim to have genuine care and affection for the animals they have sex with.

Bestiality is not uncommon in pornography. It is also the focus of a genre of erotica, and there are a few fantasy sex toy manufacturers that create sex toys that resemble the sex organs of horses and other animals. These are outlets many people use to explore fantasies they can't or don't want to explore in real life.

It is interesting to note, however, that the meat industry actually violates anti-bestiality laws in several states in its artificial insemination of animals.


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