Behavioral Transexual

Updated: OCTOBER 26, 2015

A behavioral transexual is an individual who adopts the dress, lifestyle, and mannerisms of a member of the opposite gender without undergoing hormone therapy, gender modification or sexual reassignment surgery. This individual communicates their transexual identity through their behavior rather than their physical appearance.

A behavioural transexual may be born male and identify as female, or born female and identify as male.

More About Behavioral Transexual

Just like transexuals who choose to get reassignment surgery, some behavioral transexuals also feel a discomfort with their assigned sexual identity, known as gender dysphoria. Adopting the dress and behaviors of the opposite gender helps diminish this discomfort, as can interacting with people who are aware of the individual’s status as a behavioral transexual.

Transexuals who choose not to opt for surgery may find that living as a behavioral transsexual is a better option for them.


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