Ball Tie

Updated: SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

A ball tie is an intricate and secure bondage position that binds the submissive partner into the shape of a ball. A person in the ball tie position will be bound with their knees to their chest and ankles against their butt. This is usually accomplished by binding the thighs, knees and ankles together and securing the legs to the torso. The hands can be bound in front at the knees or behind the person's back. A gag is also often placed in a ball tie victim's mouth. This position sounds extreme, but some people find it very erotic.

More About Ball Tie

Properly binding someone into the ball tie position takes skill and time. If done improperly, such as with the legs pressing into the abdomen, this position can make it difficult to breath. Although this bondage position is one of the more comfortable ones, bound individuals should not remain in it for long periods of time and they should never be left unattended. Safe words or signals should also be used during bondage play as an added safety precaution.


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