Ball Press

Updated: DECEMBER 16, 2019

A ball press is a device which compresses the testicles. It features two flat pieces which are placed on either side of a man’s testicles. A screw mechanism tightens the ball press. This puts pressure on the testicles. Ball presses can be made from a number of different materials including wood, metal, or plastic.

A ball press is also known as a ball crusher.

More About Ball Press

Ball presses are one of many devices used in the BDSM community. A dominant person usually operates a ball press, taking control of the level of compression experienced by a submissive male.

A ball press may be used during cock and ball torture, a practice where a submissive male receives pain to the genitals. This practice is a useful way to punish a submissive or reinforce the dominant and submissive roles within a BDSM relationship.

A ball press can be used on its own or in conjunction with other BDSM practices, such as bondage. This further inhibits his movements, making him feel even more vulnerable. The dominant could also increase the sensations the submissive feels by inserting an anal plug into his anus.


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