Updated: DECEMBER 24, 2018

Autochorissexualism is a type of asexuality. Autochorissexuals, as people who identify with this sexual orientation are called, experience a disconnect between themselves and the people or things that arouse them.

Anthony Bogaert, a professor of human sexuality specializing in asexuality, coined the term autochorissexualism. This term with Greek roots roughly translates to “identity-less sexuality.”

More About Autochorissexualism

Unlike many people who identify as asexual, autochorissexuals feel aroused and have sexual fantasies. They may enjoy watching pornography, masturbating, and fantasizing about celebrities. However, they do not feel desire to engage in sexual activity with a partner. When fantasizing about sex, they are likely to imagine other people engaging in sex, not themselves. They are unlikely to feel sexually attracted to people they know in real life as they do celebrities and people removed from them.

Autochorissexuals typically identify as asexual, because they do not feel a desire to engage in sexual activity with other people. Some autochorissexuals may identify as aromantic if they fantasize about romantic encounters, rather than sexual ones, but don’t want to form romantic relationships.

As a fairly new label, the term autochorissexualism has been viewed with some scepticism outside the asexual community and even by some asexuals. However, others feel this term helps them feel less alone and more “normal.”


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