Updated: AUGUST 3, 2020

An assgasm is an anal orgasm. The term is a portmanteau of the words ass, a slang term for a person’s rear, and orgasm.

An assgasm is achieved through stimulation of the anus, rectum, or prostate. This stimulation may occur during anal sex, digital stimulation or penetration, analingus, or use of an anal sex toy.

Assgasm is sometimes hyphenated as ass-gasm.

More About Assgasm

The anal sphincter of a person who has an assgasm usually contracts rhythmically, just like the vaginal walls contract during orgasm and the muscles at the base of the penis contract during orgasm. It feels similar to a traditional orgasm but deeper, with sensations that people report as radiating beyond the ass and down to the inner thighs.

There is no single way to achieve an assgasm, although some people find certain techniques help them have an assgasm more reliably than others. Experimenting with all these techniques can help you find what works best for you.

An assgasm often occurs during anal penetration. Penetration isn’t necessary for some people. Simply fingering around the anus can be a great way for novices to test the waters and perhaps experience an assgasm.

Digital penetration with one or more fingers can also be effective. It’s best to go slow, trying just one finger at first before increasing the intensity with more fingers. Keep fingernails trimmed and smoothly filed to prevent anal tearing. Using a good lube or putting fingers inside a medical glove or condom will make any kind of anal penetration easier and more pleasurable.

Analingus, or licking the anus, can also be an effective path to assgasm. The giver should use a dental dam to protect themselves from harmful bacteria. It’s may also be a good idea to shower, have an anal douche or enema, or at least wipe the ass with a wet wipe before analingus.

Playing with a butt plug or anal vibrator can also bring on an assgasm. Look for sex toys designed to stimulate the prostate. A lubricant can also make insertion easier, but make sure your lube is compatible with your toy’s material. A water-based lube is always a good option. Do not share toys or use them in both an ass and vagina unless you clean them thoroughly.

Of course, an assgasm can also occur during anal sex. Sex positions which provide deep stimulation, especially of the prostate, can be the most effective.


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